Concourse Photography Booking

Whether you want to sell your car or just want to have it documented online

What is Concourse Style photography?

Concourse style photography is a term that I passionately discovered. When cars are sold at the renowned world auctions, they are photographed in such a way that pictures speak for themselves. They are genuine, detailed and mainly, unedited of the cars’ true forms. These photos are used widely not only for selling but also for those cars to be featured in different magazines. 


If the setup is right, the pictures are right! One thing I have learned while photographing is that as long as your car is in the right surrounding, the images are bound to be flawless. 

Seeing is believing, showing is convincing. You see what you believe, however you convince in what you show. Attention to detail is highly considered when it comes to my Concourse style of photography. Never missing the slightest detail is something I and my lens does. 

Exactly what I meant. Photographing this E38 740i M-Sport was purely out of passion because this car is more like family.  

Using proper lighting is a must! This Aston Martin Virage is owned by one of my most favorite people. He is my friend, my mentor, he is the Aston Martin Connoisseur of Southern California-Hans Fischer. When I told him to position his car for this exact photo, he told me the lighting wasn’t good enough. I still went ahead and shot pictures of his car and after seeing those he had to insist on my hidden talents! Only because my Concourse Photography of Automobiles knows how to make the best use of the available lighting. 

The heart should be as beautiful and clean as the object of passion. The engine of the car should be as beautiful as the car and to see it the way it is from a beholder’s eyes, my Concourse photography does the perfect job!