“I was just trying to keep the engine cool.”- Ferrari Enzo designer’s defense in court!

Unexpected Defense in Court

“I was just trying to keep the engine cool.” These were the surprising words spoken by Kiyoyuki “Ken” Okuyama, the mastermind behind the iconic Ferrari Enzo, during a courtroom confrontation that captured attention and imagination.

Shared Thrill, Unforeseen Twist

Speeding, a shared thrill among many, can lead to unexpected encounters. Enter Kiyoyuki “Ken” Okuyama, a Japanese Industrial designer renowned for his role in creating the Ferrari F60 Enzo, a car often compared to a fighter jet on wheels. This exceptional masterpiece pays tribute to the legendary Enzo Anselmo Ferrari.

Not just any car….

A Speedy Scenario

On October 1, 2022, while maneuvering through the twists of Yamagata mountains, Ken found himself facing a situation quite unlike his usual design challenges. Behind the wheel of an F140B 65-degree V12-powered Ferrari F60 Enzo, he clocked an astonishing 79 mph (128 km/h) in a designated 25 mph (40 km/h) zone. Not just any scene, but a remarkable turn of events that left an indelible mark.

An Unconventional Explanation

Ken’s response to the legal proceedings was equally unconventional. He claimed that his speeding was an attempt to cool the Enzo’s engine. A unique explanation that intrigued many and left some pondering. Ken’s honest admission of fault and commitment to making amends led to the suspension of his four-month prison sentence.

A Design Legacy Beyond Borders

Kiyoyuki “Ken” Okuyama’s impact on automotive design transcends geographical borders. From his pivotal role at Pininfarina to becoming the first non-Italian designer of a Ferrari, his journey is one of distinction. Notable highlights include his contributions to the Porsche Boxster (986 generation), the Porsche 911 (996 generation), and even the high-speed E8-Series Shinkansen Bullet Train.

Engage and Celebrate

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