All-New Porsche 911 S/T- The wingless GT3RS

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Porsche unveiled an S/T edition of its 992 911. It combines the sheer power and components from the GT3RS and the GT styling from the smoother Carreras making it one of the most perfect 911s. Therefore, achieving the name “The Wingless GT3RS”

911 st

The name and The Origin

The meaning of the name S/T can be translated to “Sport Tuned”. Back in the 1970s Porsche built a limited number of lightweight 911s for racing when FIA required racecars to have wider arches than their roadgoing counterparts. Keeping that in mind Porsche made sure this is going to be modern-classic blend of the original S/T.

60 years ago, in 1963, Porsche came up with its first ever 901 911 and that is why the 911 S/T will see a number of 1,963 units on the road.

901 911 992 911 st

The Heritage Styling

You can see how beautiful and different the 911 looks without its massive rear wing and motorsport sorceries. It looks just as it should look like, the perfect sport car. And to keep its heritage look, the 911 S/T would pretty much look like the sport classic with a wider rear end and a wingless tail just like the touring GT3. It will also sport the cutaway front fenders and the double bubble roof from the Sport Classic with matching slash cut carbon doors from the GT3RS.


The 911 S/T just gets better! With a sleek Touring body and a turbo-like appearance from the Sport Classic, the S/T has the 4.0 NA heart from the GT3RS instead of the turbo-charged 3.7. However, unlike the GT3RS it doesn’t have an automatic PDK, Porsche rather decided to marry the 4.0 NA beast with a 6-speed manual transmission. I mean, do let me know if there’s anything better than this, I’ll wait!

The main highlight of the S/T is the absence of that rear wing where it will sport an electronic spoiler with a gurney flap that won’t rise as high up.

Just as I said this purist special 911 gets better every step! What truly phenomenal is how Porsche achieved to make it this lightweight. The 911 S/T weighs only 3,040 pounds making it the lightest 992 911 so far and this was achieved by not only making the doors, fenders, hood and rear wing from carbon fiber-reinforced plastic but also making the roll cage and anti-roll bars of carbon. The lead-acid battery got replaced with a lighter lithium-ion unit and the rear wheel steering system also got removed to shave weight, who needs that anyway in a 911! The short shifting 6-speed manual gearbox apparently has a lighter clutch that saves around 20 pounds in rotating mass letting the S/T go from 0-60 in just 3.5 seconds with the top speed of 190mph on the clock.


Even the interior of the S/T looks like a classic imitation of the 70s 911s. The tachometer features green dials as a homage to the early Porsche race cars with a split digital gauge cluster and a small leather strap as its door handle. The bucket seats are standard to the car however Porsche has a no-cost option for comfort seats.

Porsche will also offer a shoreblue Metallic paint with its Heritage design package of which you can choose a racing number from 0-99. Unlike the GT3RS, Porsche didn’t make the S/T for track use, it’s mainly to be daily driven as a true sports car in its most authentic form.